Twice a year, HeyHeydeHaas hosts an evening with inspiring presentations by creatives from around the world and people-they-admire-for-various-reasons. It's called The Old In & Out.

For each edition we invite three extraordinary makers to leave their portfolios at home and share their vision and obsessions with a crowd of around 100 clients, fellow creatives and kindred spirits.
The events are free-as-in-beer and invitation only.

The Old In & Out

We would be honoured to welcome you at The Old In & Out: our weekend of small wonders featuring an expo, talks and a party on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December 2015. We invite you to come peep at our studio and craftmanship and say adieu to a most intriguing year.

hot automatons hot automatons

On display Friday 11 (evening) and Saturday 12 December

It’s a well known fact that machines in all shapes and sizes are a bit of a studio fetish, so we decided to build a range of fetish machines, or automatons. They go by the name of Autoeromatons and will be on display for the first time during The Old In & Out.

talks by top creatives talks by top creatives

Invitation only – Friday 17.30 – 20.30

On Friday the 11th we will kick off this weekend with Let Me Tell You About My Boat — the very first edition of our very own series of talks by top creatives and people-we-admire-for- various-reasons.
     The night will feature none other than Academy Award nominated animators and directors Job, Joris & Marieke, London graphic designer extraordinair Morag Myerscough and young designer/craftsman Daniel de Bruin.

Drinks and fresh food for this event are on us and will be provided by our new favourite and soon to open Bar Bistro Calypso.

job joris & marieke job joris & marieke

How many young Dutch filmmakers do you know who were recently nominated for an Academy Award? We actually know three: Job, Joris & Marieke and we’re proud to welcome them as speakers this night. If we’re lucky, they’ll share with us the secret to their success (keep pen and paper at the ready), the joys and pains of their work and, hopefully, reveal what they’re working on at this very moment.

morag myerscough morag myerscough

Morag Myerscough is an influential graphic designer from London with a style we think is best described as ecclectic, strong and loud but in a refined way. The way she uses colour and type makes her a sought after designer for signage and wayfinding. In 2016, UNIT Editions (known for their immensly popular books on Lubalin, Ken Garland and identity manuals) will publish a book about her work, which is a good thing since her website recently got hacked and books tend to be less susceptible to that kind of drama.

daniel de bruin daniel de bruin

An annoyingly young creative and skilled craftsman. We recently discovered we share a passion for chain reactions, marble tracks and trying to make really bad ideas work. Daniel, being a talented young brat, singlehandedly built an analogue 3D printer (that’s been on display all across the world) that shows the beauty of both a mechanical production process and natural deviations from the norm. He’ll share with us why and how he does what he does and how to build amazing stuff from scratch.

and a party and a party

Friday 21.00 – 02.00

We will end this night in the warm and solid embrace of some Peruvian chicha, Colombian cumbia, Nigerian fusion, Tasmanian techno, Iranian funk, Holistic house, authentic Jamaican dub, Uruguayan rock, Brazilian boogie, and so on. Well, you get the drift.