Twice a year, HeyHeydeHaas hosts an evening with inspiring presentations by creatives from around the world and people-they-admire-for-various-reasons. It's called The Old In & Out.

For each edition we invite three extraordinary makers to leave their portfolios at home and share their vision and obsessions with a crowd of around 100 clients, fellow creatives and kindred spirits.
The events are free-as-in-beer and invitation only.


After the success of the first edition, HeyHeydeHaas is happy to welcome you to The Old In & Out part Deux on July 1st.

A summer evening at our studio with BBQ, drinks, music and three presentations by people we admire for various reasons: Bart Hess, Arne Hendriks and Stephen Smith/ Neasden Control Centre.

Note: registration is closed.

We'll kick off the evening at 17:30 with a BBQ and drinks courtesy of Bar Bistro Calypso. The first presentation is scheduled at around 18:00.

As usual, The Old In & Out is free-as-in-beer and invite only. Reserve your seat (and one for a friend, colleague or boss) below.
Please keep in mind that space is limited. You're only guaranteed of all perks this night brings when you've received a confirmation from us.

Bart Hess
Master of mutations
Sees the body as a platform

The name Bart Hess is synonymous with tactility, sensuality and, let's be honest, sometimes kinda gross-looking stuff.
A highly sought after designer for his unique way of engineering materials and forms that work with and/ or mimick the human body. He stretches, pins, slimes and foams. He's also a skilled digital craftsman, enabling him to hold a firm grip on the images and videos he produces. It's all trial and error and at a tremendous pace too.
Bart is "less talk, more do", which is why we're particularly proud to have him as one of the night's speakers.


Arne Hendriks
Artist/ designer/ researcher/ etc.
Crosses barriers between design disciplines

We like to think everybody already knows about Arne Hendriks and he doesn't need any introduction, but we might be wrong. Let's keep it at that we think everybody should already know about Arne Hendriks. He's not the person who's easily pigeonholed. The wide variety of projects he initiates results in Arne Hendriks being labeled an artist, researcher, radical ecologist, speculative design researcher and curator.
That being said, if you feel the urge to put people in boxes, make sure you bring a box of about 50 cm high - according to Hendriks the ideal length for the human race on its path to a more sustainable future.


Stephen Smith/ Neasden Control Centre
Illustrates, draws, letters
Was doing it before the rest did

Stephen Smith is an illustrator who has been working under the studio name of Neasden Control Centre since 2000 and whose work encompasses a range of hand drawn illustration commissions and installation projects.
We've worked with Stephen on several occasions and have always been fans of his loose and rough, yet refined style that breathes sheer pleasure in creating. His work conjures up visions of Eames sketchbooks as well as obscure corporate manuals from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Stephen has yet to surprise us with a work we don't immediately fall in love with.