Twice a year, HeyHeydeHaas hosts an evening with inspiring presentations by creatives from around the world and people-they-admire-for-various-reasons. It's called The Old In & Out.

For each edition we invite three extraordinary makers to leave their portfolios at home and share their vision and obsessions with a crowd of around 100 clients, fellow creatives and kindred spirits.
The events are free-as-in-beer and invitation only.

december 9th 2016

start: 17.30

Hallenweg 2a


After almost 3 years of doing it undisciplinary at HeyHeydeHaas, it's time for the 3rd edition of The Old In & Out, with again, 3 presentations by people-we-admire-for-various-reasons: Simon Wald-Lesowski, Remco van der Velden and Hansje van Halem.

Following the succes of the first and second edition, we hope to welcome you in our studio on Friday the 9th of December for food, drinks, music and talks and say adieu to a very interesting year filled with identities-without-logos, websites-but-not-really and copious amounts of bambooh.

As usual, The Old In & Out is free-as-in-beer and invite only. Please sign-up and reserve your seat (and one for a friend) right away: space is limited.


simon wald-lasowski

There’s no official job-title that comes with the work of Simon. Image maker comes to mind but does not sound adequate to describe his work. It’s way more than that. The end results are images, but before they arrive there, they travel through the colorful, fun and twisted world of Simon, where clichés are bend and bricolage and word play are used to give them the magic that make you look twice.


remco van der velden

Remco is co-founder of Ontour, the fashion brand that is known for its emphasis on details, colour and subtle graphics. Having worked as strategic product designers on projects for Nokia, Samsung and Philips, Remco and Etienne ‘went’ Ontour in 2005. Ever since their first collection they steadily grew into a mature brand that was responsible for some instant classics like parkas and provo pants. We admire Ontour for their creative drive and persistence and are curious to hear about their next step.


hansje van halem

Hansje is what you call ‘een klasse apart’. Ever since she graduated in 2003 Hansje has touched upon all possible assignments a designer can dream of, from stamps and spatial graphics to self-initiated projects. Hansje did it all with an amazing dedication and high quality. We’re hoping she’ll share her secret tonight and that it turns out to be a really simple app, but it probably comes down to great ideas and hard work.

Bar Bistro Calypso for drinks and food and general gezelligheid

MU for beamer and general niceness